What many people use social media sites for

These days, there are many people who use social media sites every day. One thing that really grinds my gears is the number of people who are using GoFundMe and other sites to get money to pay for funeral costs. While I sympathize with them to a degree, it is not the job of anyone else to take care of your families funeral problems. The best thing that people can do for themselves is get an insurance policy (like Life Shield HQ) early on for every member of their family. This will prevent people from asking for a handout if anything happens.

I swear the nest time I see someone on a social media site ask for money for burial costs, I am going to send a message to their inbox and tell them that they need to get an insurance policy for the remaining members of their family. This may seem rather harsh, but I believe that it makes all of the sense in the world. Why do you want to wait for a tragedy to address the insurance problem? They need to get it together so they don’t have to beg for money every time someone passes away.