Narrowing Down My Top 3 Favorite Beauty Products

If I were to be put in a situation where I could only use three of my favorite beauty products for the rest of my life (a sort of “What 3 beauty products would you take with you to a desert island?” situation, if you will), I would certainly find it difficult to choose. (5)I would most likely split them up by categories. The first category would be hair care products. I would choose a good two in one combination – that is, a product that combines both shampoo and conditioner in one bottle. That would provide the most bang for the buck. (4)Next, I would choose a good foundation product with sunscreen and moisturizer built in. Again, that would give me more function with one product. (3)Lastly, I would choose one of the compact beauty sticks they sell now that have lip gloss on one end and mascara on the other. Those two things don’t approximate a full face of makeup, but they are the closest that you can get with just one product.

Thank goodness that this situation will never arise, though (also got some help from Lifecell Reviews). I can continue to use my full range of preferred products forever!