Forex Trading

The best time to do forex trading in Nigeria

Everyone knows that what time you choose to trade the markets really do matter. If you trade the markets at the wrong time, you might not find enough liquidity. But the opposite is also true. You might find too much volatility going on at the time that you want to trade. For some traders that might be too much for them. Sometimes you need to choose the right time to trade based on what type of trader you are. Other times you need to find the right time to trade because you live in an area that is outside of the times that the largest players in the world are doing business.

One thing that we do know, is that the United States session and the European session are the two busiest times to trade. During those times the most action happens and you will find the greatest amount liquidity. The biggest moves happen between these two sessions. So it would be wise for you to adjust your schedule to trade during these two sessions.

Alternatively, you could also trade the Asian session. The Asian session is a very good low volatility time to trade. In many articles around the Internet, you can find professionals advising amateurs to trade this particular session. You might want to understand why what they suggest such a thing? They suggest such a thing because they know that low volatility is better for new traders, they’re less likely to get ran over by larger traders. This session doesn’t have as much crazy action as other sessions and it tends to flow in a tight range more than anything.

Type ranges are very easy for beginner traders to make good forex trading decisions.

So depending on what time these very sessions are local to you, you should choose the appropriate one.

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